About Us



Years ago when my son got diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy I swapped my aspirations for a career in finance to Somatology. The idea was to study something that would help me understand his body as to be in a better position to help him while at the same time earn some income. Over the years my journey with him has been a roller coaster ride of emotional and physical challenges topped with daily life stresses. Feeling all alone I got to concentrate on my cross and forgot the bearer inevitably I was burned out. Upon my recovery I realised I wasn’t the only who overbore my cross. All around the world people just want to be the best. The best artists, best employees, best wives, super mum, and the world’s greatest. Although there is nothing wrong with these aspirations, such ambitions can became a burden pushing us to an anxious state of mind which gives rise to depression, high blood pressure and all sorts of stress related conditions.

At Destress Base, my team and I use Somatology to destress the body and mind. We remind one that life is precious and meant to be enjoyed. We provide you with a change of scenery, relaxing ambience, and cater for you. We are here to remind you not to be too hard on yourself but that life is beautiful and worth living. Our massages restore and relax the body while our facials and beauty treatments provide a pick me up. Our understanding of body and mind function equips us with ways to bring balance to life and optimize functionality.

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